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What species of ham is she?
I've found that one of the best things to do is remain confident. Yes, she may bite you, but hamster bites don't hurt that much and flinching/anticipating that bite only makes them more nervous. You have to be gentle, but quite firm at the same time, and you must remain confident and relaxed. Don't be too slow either. Animals can pick up on your own wariness, and sometimes it makes it worse.

I picked up a new baby syrian on Wednesday. He was completely untame, and when I got him home he was very jumpy and flighty, and he screamed at me when he was in his nest.
A few days of following this method, and I can now pick him up one-handed without him squirming and jumping, and we can hand walk without him freaking out. He's not ready to free roam on the floor or on the bed with me yet, but he will sit in my lap, and I can cup him in my hands and give him a snuggle without any bother. :3
I myself have never used the bathtub method. I like my hams to be able to get away from me if they want to - you have to build trust.
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