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Default Handling Win.

I am having so much trouble handling Winifred. She is around 11 weeks old, I think and I have had her for around 5 of these. I can stroke her fine and even, using my forefinger and thumb, move her from one area to another. But whenever I try put her in my lap or even just in my hands, she jumps and she runs off and hides.
I have tried putting her in an empty bath with me. I have tried rubbing sawdust on my hands so I smell similar. I give her food, speak to her and stroke her every day but she's still so scared.
What do I do? I know this is pathetic, but I obviously don't want her to bite me. She never has, but I guess I'd be a bit scared of her doing so. How do I gain her trust and begin to handle her?
Next week, she has to go into a hamster hotel for two weeks as I'm abroad so I'd like her a little friendlier for that as they won't leave her in her cage.
Oh It breaks my heart so much. I long to be able to handle her like my others but it's just not happening.

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