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Default Re: Cage floor area comparisons - home built cages

Originally Posted by Scamper View Post
I like the idea of using these large Ikea shelves for cages but have no idea how to adapt them exactly. For example the Expedit glass case has gaps down the side that would need blocking somehow - yet would still need to let in air and be remain easy to clean and put back together quickly. The Billy bookcases I actually have - I assume you would need to cut hole in door and cover with wire ? Also could the hamster not chew through the wood eventually, I don't know much about DIY but could get someone to make something if I had some pics for ideas.
Expedit shelves are finished and coated. They are completely waterproof. All the "joints" are pretty tight too, but contact paper can be used along all the edges / corners for easy cleaning.

There's nothing to chew--just flat finished surfaces. The floor or the walls don't stick out; there's nothing to grab onto.
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