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Originally Posted by Bekki2308 View Post
The JR farm mixes and vitakraft menu are sugar free according to the manufacturer though. Some distinction between molasses, fruit and no added sugar might be good?

I have never seen the amos range of the mr johnsons in shops only the normal one so I cant help with if they are the same though
Trying to make more work for me Hehehe I should be able to do that. A few more columns, what about corn and peas too? I'm don't really know much about the sugary stuff as I only briefly looked into it once. So, molasses, fruit, peas/corn, no added sugar? That sound good?

Originally Posted by souffle View Post
Thanks - useful, unbiased reference starlightserenity.
I will sticky it. Let me know if you need the original post modified at any point as more mixes are added.
Thanks!! Glad I could be helpful, I'll let you know when I do an updated version/s
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