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Default Re: Photo Guide to Making a Bin Cage

Originally Posted by Vectis Hamstery View Post
Thanks for the link, Biscotti. I tried a Stanley-type knife before but found it cracked the plastic uncontrollably which is why I went with the soldering iron. Did you use an electric or handheld drill for the starter hole? Did you take any special precautions to prevent cracking?
My first try was using an electric saw, and it did crack the plastic like crazy (and I'm glad the shrapnels didn't take my eye out with it), that's why I went with a small handheld as it gave me more control. This particular saw has strong serrated teeth good enough for metal, so it was a very easy cut just sawing back and forth with a little pressure, and I didn't even have to tape the edges like I did with the electric saw (which didn't work anyhow ).

As for drilling, I use an el cheapo Black&Decker electric drill with 3/8" bit as I didn't have anything larger. You need to apply steady pressure perpendicularly to the plastic as you drill so it will not slip, once the bit get a good dent in the plastic it's easy to just push it through. I find the drill holes to be fairly clean with minimal clean up needed.
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