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Default ***Cages in the USA***

There is a much more limited selection of suitable commercial cages available in the US than in the UK (although some members have been lucky enough to find Zoozone 2s and a Ferplast Furet Plus in small independent pet stores) – and the best ones are expensive. You might find it easier to use an aquarium (the good news is that ready-made tank toppers are easier to source in the US) or a bin cage.

Some commercial cages that can be found in the US are:
• Ware Natural
• FOP Gabbia Tamburino
• Marchioro Kevin 82

They are suitable both for Syrian and dwarf hamsters unless stated.

Ware Natural hamster cage:

No longer available from PetSmart, but used to be sold there for around $40-45. Can now be found at and a few other stores on-line, although for significantly more money. The rat cage version: Ware Natural Wood Cage for Rats - Specialty Pet Month - Featured Products - PetSmart is taller and is not well suited for hamsters, as the platforms in it are narrow, and a hamster could suffer a long fall from the top.

Hamtastic’s cage review can be found here: WARE Natural Wood Cage for Hamsters

You would be wise to waterproof the wooden shelves, or cover them, for ease of cleaning.

FOP Gabbia Tamburino (model below is the Linea Natura):

available by mail order from AbbaSeed HOME Call them Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 4.30pm (EST) on 908-353-0669, quoting the full name of the cage and the product number, 20200067. Expect to pay around $75 including shipping and handling (as at 22 Apr 2012).
Hamtastic’s cage review can be found here: F.O.P. Gabia Tamburino (Linea Natura) Review

Marchioro Kevin 82:

available online from PetStore (direct or via Amazon): Marchioro USA Kevin 82 Mouse Cage - 32.25 Inch W x 20 Inch D x 14.25 Inch H, Blue/Black or through Amazon.
Expect to pay around $135 plus $5 shipping (as at 20 Jul 2012).

Ferret Kit cage (Mamble in the UK)

available from Amazon Ferret Kit Cage Size: Large: Pet Supplies. Expect to pay around $100 (as at 16 September 2012). NB Bar spacing is 1/2" so less suitable for dwarf hamsters.

(Thanks to Mikayla and Stawberrysmom for this one!)


Thanks to: Hamtastic (7 Mar 2012)

PetSmart and Petco also sell aquariums, which are used for hamsters, 20gallon+. Zilla makes 20 and 40-gallon "Critter Cages", which are aquariums with mesh covers already on them. Periodically, Petco does a dollar-per-gallon sale on its aquarium stock, thus you are able to get a 40-gallon Breeder (wider than it is tall) aquarium for $40 + tax.

Hamtastic review:
30 / 40 Gallon Aquarium as a hamster habitat

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