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Default Re: Sleeping at about 12 PM? Oversleeping maybe?

Originally Posted by walfy View Post
Hamsters’ normally sleeps during the day, but may be seen occasionally grabbing a bite to eat, a drink or using the toilet in the day. Hamsters’ are often mistaken as being nocturnal when in fact they are crepuscular. Crepuscular is a term used to describe animals that are primarily active during twilight hours, (low levels of light) at dawn and dusk in the early evening, just as it is going dark and early morning just as it is coming light again. They may sleep a good few hours during the night depending on how energetic he feels. Older hams do tend to sleep more and are not as active, so if he is getting on a bit I wouldn’t worry too much.
The changing seasons can also affect their sleeping patterns, as it gets lighter at night in the summer they may stay in the nest longer till it starts to go dark. And as the nights draw in again they will arise earlier. Another thing to bear in mind is that if the light in the room where you keep them is too bright it can confuse them as they may think it is still day-time so will stay in the nest. If you want them to become active earlier then it may be worth considering dimming the light, it does not have to be dark, but light enough for you to see well.
The possibility of boredom could also be another cause if he knows there is not a lot to get up for, then why bother getting up; he’s got all the time in the world to eat etc:
Hamsters don’t play with toy’s, not interested. They are more inclined to be encouraged and stimulated by engaging them in activities such as climbing, hiding, searching and scenting new undiscovered places etc:
And that goes for the oldies as well as the young ones as they need just as much stimulation as the young ones do.
The best “Toy” you could make is a playground or activity centre; it doesn’t need to cost anything, or very little. Just a bit of imagination and initiative is all that’s needed. A large box (not cardboard) or an old tank will do, make sure it’s clean and escape proof.
Use dry sand or wood shavings on the bottom. Stick some old recycled kitchen towel tubes together. Any bits of old unused cages lying around i.e. ladders, ramps, tubes, wheel etc. an old Tupperware box with access points cut in, upturned plant pots (plastic) again with access points, hollowed out coconut shells, small cardboard boxes, an old coffee jar. Anything he can climb on or into. Spread a few treats around for him to pouch and take back home with him, after all, that’s what they do best. The list is endless; just a bit of imagination. A run around for 10 min’s in a play ball before putting them (separately of course) in the playground will be much appreciated. The scent left by the other will make things even more interesting for them, and it is amusing to watch them following the scent trails left by the other. Adding and changing things periodically leaves different scents so makes it more interesting for them. After a few nights of this they will be raring to go.
Thanks for all the toy ideas

Are plastic colored drinking straws okay? We have a big case of them and never use them, I put them in for a second and they like to chew on them but you dont think they could choke on it do you?
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