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Default Fop Criceto Gimmy - Cage Review

This is a three level barred cage. It measures 58X32X45CM.
It comes in both black or white bars and a variety of different coloured bases.
The price varys from around 40 - 60

The cage above has the tubes added, these do not come with the cage.

This is a stock photo showing the cage as it comes.

The cage itself is very well made and reasonably easy to clean.
It has a lot of space for toys.
The levels cover the majority of the cage so prevents falls from heights.
Tubes can be added to the cage.
Levels can easily be moved to allow for large toys and wheels to be added.
Access to the cage is reasonable, with a door at the bottom of the cage and a door on the top of the cage.

The accessories that come with it are pretty useless, the house is awkward to assemble and clean, the two wheels that come with it are too small and the bowl is made of plastic which is easily destroyed.
It does not come with a water bottle.
If tubes are added they are hard to clean and not really big enough for an adult syrian.
Being a barred cage they can chuck all their bedding out.
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