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Default Re: Guide to making Wodent Wheels run smoother and quieter.

Yes, all of mine absolutely adore Wodent Wheels--my robos and other dwarfies. In fact, every single time I see them use a Wodent Wheel vs. another wheel, they seem happier with WWs. Good latest example is Hamilton. I took his WW away and gave him a quiet wooden wheel (9" Trixie). Then I barely saw him for 4 days. I thought he fell ill... he's normally out a lot in the evenings and night. I thought it was something in his food or another reason.

Then, when I was moving Isabel's aquarium to a more convenient spot and putting in new platforms, I gave her Hamilton's wheel (which she doesn't mind), and Ham got his WW back. Let me tell you, he came out to check out the noise I was making, hopped in, and he ran and ran and ran! And he would not stop running for almost an hour. Never taking it from him again!

This is a video I made of him to commemorate how happy he was:

These wheels also helped make my initially extremely timid Lucy a lot more confident and have made my robos happier.
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