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Default Re: Guide to making Wodent Wheels run smoother and quieter.

Not sure that Nimh is the perfect example, but I just had a Wodent wheel shipped to the UK. She's had a flying saucer since we got her in Feb, and she does use it, but in brief bursts (perhaps 30 seconds of running max, before she stops, looks around or hops off). We popped her in her playbox with the wodent wheel (bought for her new cage, as currently I'm worried about cave-ins in her current one). She hopped in. She hopped out. She then spent 5 minutes running on it, trying to stick her head out of each hole as it passed (I was more than a little worried about decapitated hamster!). Then for the next 10 minutes, she just ran...and ran...and ran. She didn't even do that on a silent spinner we got 2nd hand. I am really impressed with the wodent wheels. Mine is silent (quiet whiring noise is all I can hear, and it is quieter than my computer fans), she obviously thinks it is the most awesome thing since puffed millet came into vogue, and even shipping it from the US to the UK wasn't hideously expensive (nor did it take very long at all - I was shocked with how speedy it got here!).

I am thoroughly impressed with it as a wheel (more so than I expected to be - I bought it because people thought it was good, but also because I'd never owned a wodent wheel before, and like trying new things so I can then compare them to things I already have tried - for future advising of others), and their customer service was perfect.

I can understand the idea of wall-huggers, and how the wheel would make such animals (like hammies) feel safer while out jogging.

I think mine is about the same in silence as a silent spinner, but mine is brand new, so I can't comment on whether it will stay so quiet.
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