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Default Re: Poorly Robo

I saw the link to this recently - its definetly the best way to tell people about the fluffy bedding, so well worth being stickied as far as I'm concerned

It got us to cut the fluffy bit off a hammock since a certain daft ham kept showing more interest in it than was good... And I'm considering taking it off the other hammocks (currently untouched and belonging to other hams), so Jam has had an effect really recently

As I've said, its a really effective way of making people aware of the risks. Until I saw this I accepted the risks but was never really sure because the way it had been presented seemed to be a bit hyped up in most cases. Now I really get it and have a lot more understanding of it all, so thanks to you for writing what you did, and to Souffle who linked this for someone recently. I am glad Jam recovered from this in the end
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