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I never realised pyometra was so common. My mum's friend's son's hamster died of that too I've seen a few cases on another hamster forum too.

Name: Bailey
Sex: Female
Bred: No
Purchased from: Local petshop
Born: September 2005
Death: 19th June 2007
Age: 21 Months
Cause: Unknown, possibly old age.
Symptoms: She'd been sleeping longer a few days before she passed. The night before she seemed shaky, I offered her some food and water. I held her briefly - she snuggled into my hand almost asleep so I put her back in her cage. The next morning, I looked through her Gabber Rex Ramp and she was alive, sleeping, her breathing rate seemed a little fast. By lunch (I got home at 12pm - she'd passed away and was lying in the middle of her cage )

Name: Benji
Sex: Male
Purchased from: Breeder (babyboos)
Born: July 2006
Death: Between 8th (night)& 9th (morning) April 2007
Age: 8.5 - 9 months
Cause: Tumour in his abdomen (I took him to the vets but nothing could be done)
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