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Default Ferplast Flipper ~ Cage Review

The Ferplast Flipper is my latest cage for my two Robo's; Honey & Toast. Their previous abode was the Rotastak Pink Fun Palace, but I found it smelly, and difficult to clean.

The Flipper resembles a pinball machine I suppose, and it made entirely of plastic, save for the large wire door. It cost me 60 from a Garden Centre, but is available readily on the internet for approximately 60-70.

It would not be suitable for a large Syrian- a baby would be happy enough, but only for a short while. It is better suited to dwarfs. However, it's much bigger than it looks! The measurements are;
18" wide x 26" tall x 12 1/2" deep. The height of the lower part is 6".
As you can see from the photo, the base of the cage is very well ventilated with a wire door. (The bar spacing is 8mm). The upper part of the Flipper is ventilated by arrow style slits all around. The blue plastic levels and orange nesting house are removable, and can be moved around to different places. They are hooked on, and if you look closely at the picture below, you can see small holes in which to do this.

The wheel is removable for cleaning, but as this part of the plastic cage is domed, it would be impossible to put the wheel anywhere else as the hamster would not be able to get in it!

There are 3 portholes, allowing extensions. One is at the top, (see picture above), and the remaining two, are on either side at the bottom.

The cage comes with a couple of extra orange 'rings' to allow for such extensions. The available attachments are the gym;

The lab;

And the cube;

Additional tubes are also readily available, and I haven't found any of the attachments to be more than 10 each.

The picture on the back is attached to the plastic from the rear, so the hamster can't chew it. It is reversible, with a 'house' and garden on one side, and a large tree on the other. (It wouldn't be too difficult to blow up a picture to around A3 size of your own choice as a background either- think of the possibilities!)

The cage comes boxed, with full instructions, extra 'rings', a water bottle, (the quality of bottle is not too good though- I've replaced it with a Savic), a water bottle clip, (still using this), an orange food dish, wheel, orange nesting house, blue levels and ladders and a bag of "safe" nesting fluff, (I won't be using this).

Cleaning the cage is a piece of cake. The plastic lid clips off from the blue base.

You then lift the upper part out. The upper part is in two separate sections, which clip together with the orange ring in the centre.

The fronts lift up and come straight off very easily, so you can wipe down the levels and clean out the nest.

Overall, I am very happy with the Flipper. It really does have LOADS of room in it. Even the wheel that is comes with is very good quality. (I've added the flying saucer wheel myself so they have one each).

Here's one of my Robos sitting on a level washing her face!

Hope you like the review. Let me know if you have any questions!

2 F Robos:Honey & Toast
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