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Default Re: Male vs Female

Out of the hamsters I've had I have to say female.

Snickers (Syrian) was a complete fruit loop at times but she always wanted to be with me, either on my shoulder or on my lap. She'd always beg to come out and spent most of her time zooming about!

Cooper (Syrian) is sooo laid back and very docile. He's shy at times and easily scared. He enjoys cuddles but he doesn't come to me, I'll have to pick him up. He's very lazy and the complete opposite to Snickers.

Oscar (Winter White) has quite an attitude, he'll get the hump if I move anything in his cage and being a typical short man he likes to make his presence known. He's a cuddly little thing when out of his cage though and lazy!

Bailey (Chinese) hasn't had the best life so far so I can't blame him for his biting habits. He's very cheeky and enjoys running about and digging. Also a lazy boy!

It depends what you are looking for in a hamster. If you want a lazy ham or a hyper ham.
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