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We had to separate ours after about 1 month of getting them, which I guess would make them about 10 weeks old presuming they were 6 weeks old when we bought them (got them from Pets at Home so not 100% sure on their age).

It became apparent one was guarding the food bowl preventing the other from feeding and at times was even going so far as trying to take food from the other as it fed, chasing it off, attacking it etc. Since separating them the bullied one has come on leaps and bounds.

Both Ice who I kept and Smirnoff (who my parents have) are kept in ferplast laura cages now (separate ones obviously!!). Ice and smirny seem to love hers, it being quite a tall cage she loves cimbing up and down the bars and monkey swinging around, plus it has two levels, they seem really happy.
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