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Default Re: Savic HH Shelf and Ramp - available separately?

Originally Posted by KatiePillow View Post
I got a package from them on friday maybe?, which I ordered on monday, they said something was in stock on the website (and still do, even after they told me it wasn't) and said they'd have to refund me for it, they stated that they'd refund me 5 when they needed to refund me 7, but they still haven't done it >.<
Paypal isn't like a bank, they can refund it any day of the week D:
they did the same with me, i ordered a trixie house which was in stock, then a week later they emailed me to tell me they weren't sending it and would refund me
They are getting ridiculous, its such a shame as they were so good before

Hope you find your shelf, i really like the ferplast shelves aswell.
Love from Mel and the ham hams xxx
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