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A few weeks ago I adopted two adorable dwarf Winter Whites from a rescue centre. Frank and Justin came to me after Justin had been found tied up in a bin bag and Frank was handed in as an unwanted pet. Over the past few weeks they were showing different but lovely personalities: Justin was trusting and really keen to come out and Frank was quieter and shy around me. They decided to have a bit of a fight and had to be separated but they were living happily in their own cages all this week.

Then last night, this happened:

Little Justin passed away

I'm devastated. I was putting food in for all the hammies last night and after a while I noticed that Justin hadn't come out but I thought at first he was just having a good sleep as he'd been in his wheel until some silly time in the morning. I opened the door to call him and he usually comes running but nothing.... so I took the lid off his little house and gave the bedding a gentle shake and still nothing. I was getting really worried by this time so I felt around in the bedding and I felt his body and it was cold

I have no idea what happened... there are no marks on him, no lumps, his limbs were OK and no blood round the mouth or anything. I don't know if it was delayed shock from the fight but he was fine all week and has been eating, playing, coming out for cuddles etc.

He obviously died in his sleep as he was all curled up in his bed and I just hope it was painless for him. He had such a short life bless him and I'd formed a good relationship with him already, he was always wanting to come out, and I can't believe he's been taken away from me so soon.

He was always very small even for his age, and there's no telling where he came from originally so there could have been genetic issues which never made themselves clear to me. I am just so glad he spent his final weeks with me, and that he died knowing he was loved so much.

RIP Justin, my gorgeous little guy

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